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The Fertile Source (April 1)

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SMITH Magazine (Sept. 1)
*featured in The Moment book (Harper Perennial, Fall)

• Migration

LUMINA Literary Magazine (Volume 9, Spring )
*essay nominated for Pushcart Prize

• Adoption

Cerise Press (July)
*essay nominated for Best American Essays

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The Sunday Salon (Nov. 8, 2009)

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CommonDreams.org (Jan. 21. 2005)

• Who Your Daddy: The Role of our Government and Our Relationship With It

CommonDreams.org (Dec. 1. 2004)


• Veganomics: A Coversation about Creation & Consumption with comedian Myq Kaplan

Freerange Nonfiction (July )

• Mexican High: 5 Questions for author Liza Monroy

Freerange Nonfiction (January 201.)

• Dissecting the Messiness: 5 Questions for Sander Hicks, author, activist & founder of Soft Skull Press

Freerange Nonfiction (January)

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• Embedded: A New Tool for Converting ;Patriots into Progressives

Interview with Tim Robbins
TruthOut.org (June 1 2005)

• Revelations from an Insider: Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on the Bush Administration, Civil Disobedience, and the Eternal Fires of Hell

CommonDreams.org (March 29, 2005)


• Polar Opposites, All the Same

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New York Magazine

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