There from Here :: opening reception this week!

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Won't you please join me in celebrating the final projects of my hard-working, talented, compassionate storytelling students at the Salt & Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine, for their Spring gallery show opening night? My guys and gals have spent intensive weeks documenting Maine people, culture, and landscape. There have been many sleepless nights and more than enough cups of coffee, and the end results are incredibly poignant nonfiction stories that will blow your mind. . . it's a show you don't want to miss!

It's one of our biggest event of the year, and all of Salt will be open to the public for this documentary extravaganza. Wander the building and read, listen to and view the 80 stories that came to life this semester.

There from Here :: stories by Salt Spring graduates in writing + radio + photography + multimedia

When: Thursday, May 1

Venue: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Congress Street, Portland, Maine

What exactly is Salt?

We’re a non-profit school in Portland, Maine, offering semester-long intensive programs in documentary writing, radio, photography and multimedia with a focus on powerful and responsible storytelling. We also exhibit documentary work in our gallery and host documentary-related events.

Graduate and undergraduate students come from all over the US and other countries for fifteen weeks of intensive field research, workshops and seminars. Throughout the semester, students gather cultural materials and develop their craft to create documentaries of professional caliber.

What Salt does has been called ethnography, cultural journalism, oral history, folklore, qualitative sociology, documentary photography, visual anthropology, and non-fiction writing. But we are less concerned about what to call what we do than how we do it. In a nutshell: our mission is to educate and promote compassionate and ethical documentary storytellers.

Goodbye to All That: Hello, new anthology!


I have an essay coming out in this fantastic forthcoming anthology: Goodbye to All That is a collection of essays about loving and leaving the magical city of New York. Inspired by Joan Didion’s well-loved essay by the same name, this anthology features the experiences of 28 women for whom the magic of the city has worn off—whether because of loneliness after many friends marry, have kids, and head to the suburbs; jadedness about their careers; or difficulty finding true love in a place where everyone is always looking to trade up to a better mate, a better job, a better apartment.

With contributions from authors such as Cheryl Strayed, Ann Hood, Dani Shapiro, Emma Straub, Meslissa Febos, Chloe Caldwell, Emily St. John Mandel, and many more fabulous writers, this collection is relatable to anyone who arrived with stars in their eyes, hoping to make it. Each essay reveals the author’s own unique relationship with New York City, and together they encompass the complicated emotions all New Yorkers have about leaving.

The book will be officially released on September 24th, but you can pre-order it now by clicking here!




Get Out of My Crotch!
Twenty-One Writers Respond to America
War on Women Rights and Reproductive Health

Tired of hearing about legislation based on menstrual cycles, publisher Kim Wyatt sounded a call for essays about women̵. rights and reproductive health. A shocking snapshot of regressive policies and the erosion of basic human rights emerged. Get Out of My Crotch! is an attempt to remind, to remember, and to continue the fight for equal rights.


Roxane Gay • Betty MacDonald •  Katha Pollitt •  Dolores P. •  Sari Botton • Addy Robinson McCulloch •  Tara Murtha • Sarah Mirk •  Kari O’Driscoll •  Martha Bayne • Janet Frishberg • Mira Ptacin •  J.Victoria Sanders •  s.e. smith •  Camille Hayes • Rebecca K. O’Connor • Lidia Yuknavitch • Elissa Bassist • Kevin Sampsell •  Kate Sheppard •  Rebecca Cohen •

From the editors:
“We are witnessing the patriarchy’s last gasp, and it’s not going down without a fight. Using legislation, language, and women’s own silence, it seeks to return us to a time when choice and self-determination were not options.

In this collection, twenty-one fearless writers examine reproductive rights, access to health care, violence against women, and the rise of rape apologists in the twenty-first-century United States. Illuminating intersections of gender, class, and race, these stories speak to the challenges women routinely face, the attempts to undermine their rights, and the deliberate, systemic erosion of their agency and existence as equals. It’s time to revisit what’s at stake, what could still be lost, and why we must continually fight for equality and freedom for all.”

Got your attention?

Pre-Oder Today!

*A percentage of the proceeds from this book will go to Planned Parenthood.*