Holy Diver? Holy Moly!

September 30 ( No Comments )

I was recently interviewed by man-about-town, conversationalist-extraordinaire Royal Young for the fantastic website HOLY DIVER. We talked about Mongolia, shooting marmots, predicting the future by reading burnt scapulas, and, of course, creative writing.

Holy Diver got me thinking of the critically-acclaimed phrase, HOLY MOLY! Such a fine exclamation, it is. But where the heck did the term “Holy Moly” come from? What birthed HOLY MOLY?! Who is the genius that brought forth such a delicious phrase? I did a little research on the etymology, and here what I found:

One possibility for its origin is from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, which has Holy as being from Old English halig, meaning: “dedicated to a religious purpose, spiritually revered.”

Moly, as defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary, means either “a) in mythology, an herb of magic powers as in Homer’s Odyssey or, b) a wild, garlic like [sic] European plant (Alium moly) of the lily family.”

And here a poem by Hervey Allen:

Deer that crop the holy moly;
Or the stag that never dies
With the moon upon his eyes
From the thicket where he lies.

Holy Moly, that good stuff.

Aaaaand SCENE!

Roofs Were Blown Off!

August 07, ( No Comments )

Yes, yes, I say this after every show, but the August 3rd installment may possibly have been the best show we’ve ever had/I’ve ever been given the opportunity to host at Freerange Nonfiction!

As author/my new bff Seth Fried predicted, we blew the roof off Pianos. Then, we built them a new roof that was way better than the one they had. The owners of Pianos were all like, “Oh man, thanks so much for this new roof!” and we were all like, “Whatever, no big deal.” (Photos coming soon.)

Big thanks to all the Freerange authors: B.C. Edwards, Courtney Maum, Seth Fried, Carmela Ciuraru, and Deb Olin Unferth for their unique and spectacular performances!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the next installment of Freerange, as well as some super-cool readings ll NOT be hosting, but reading my own work. Check out my EVENTS PAGE for details.
Finally, a big thanks to BOOK STALKER for the lovely writeup of Freerange. I̵m super-charmed!

You Say Faccia, I Say Focaccia!

You Say Faccia, I Say Focaccia!

I was recently interviewed for ART FACCIA, not to be confused with the flat oven-baked Italian bread.

The interview was really fun to do, and in her introduction, the lovely Art Faccia contributor J.E. Reich made me sound really fancy (she a GREAT fiction writer). We also spent a good bit of time talking about sandwiches, which is always a pleasure.