Freerange Nonfiction

In 2008, I founded Freerange Nonfiction, a monthly reading series and storytelling collective located in the heart of New York City that brings together up-and-coming and established writers on one small stage to share their work with the rest of the world.


Freerange practices the method of literary husbandry wherein our authors are permitted to write, read & roam freely, traditional categories or labels notwithstanding. Our philosphy is to allow artists of nonfiction as much freedom as possible and to live out their instinctual behaviors in a reasonably natural way . . . regardless of whether or not they are eventually killed for meat. By this technique, we have presented memoirists, journalists, political activists, poets, comedians, and many others to promote the vast and vital genre of creative nonfiction.

In addition, Freerange works with writers of all backgrounds at different stages of their careers to provide a supportive home to share their work in the presence of established and influential authors, literary agents, book lovers and story fiends, as well as a hungry and enthusiastic crowd. And each Freerange installment always seems to leave these readers, as well as the audience, feeling refreshed, recharged, and inspired.